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Aldo 44" Wooden Barstool with Wicker Seating

Aldo 44" Wooden Barstool with Wicker Seating
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  • Model: SKU 309065
  • SKU: SKU 309065
Whether you are looking for a cozy cottage atmosphere or need extra seating for your indoor bar space, our impressive barstool has you covered. Combining the grainy texture of wood and woven wicker, our barstool brings a rustic look to your décor. This homey style allows you to upgrade any room in an instant with its elegant curves and organic textures. Creating the perfect timeless ensemble for your kitchen or indoor bar is a simple task with our captivating barstools. RUSTIC: Our barstool brings a gorgeous organic style to your home, giving any room a rustic feel. With birch wood and woven rattan seating, this piece offers exceptional design and durable construction to your décor. BIRCH WOOD FRAME: The frame of this barstool is constructed of birch wood which offers an attractive look and durable structure. Its fine grain takes
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