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Annabelle Contemporary Fabric Glider Recliner

Annabelle Contemporary Fabric Glider Recliner
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  • Model: SKU 307784
  • SKU: SKU 307784
This contemporary recliner is the perfect addition for any room in your home. Featuring pillow-top arms along with a seat cover styled cushion, this recliner is both comfy and cozy. With the added benefit of the glider function, and the easy latch release system, this recliner is sure to be a fan favorite in the family. CONTEMPORARY: This recliner has the look, feel, and design of a truly contemporary piece of furniture. Featuring clean lines and plush accents, this recliner is a must have for living rooms, bedrooms, and even nurseries. PILLOW-TOP ARMS: The pillow-top arms of this recliner ensure maximum comfort while seated. These arms, combined with the seat cover cushion, provide an exceeding amount of comfort and relaxation. You might find yourself falling asleep sometimes while seated in this recliner. SEAT COVER CUSHION: The specially designed seat cover
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