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Nikolai Velvet Dinosaur Ottoman

Nikolai Velvet Dinosaur Ottoman
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  • Model: SKU 310395
  • SKU: SKU 310395
Take a step into a prehistoric era when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Featuring a rotund body and bold, charming horns, our dinosaur ottoman will roam through the rooms of your home, bringing childlike wonder to all, regardless of age. With smooth velvet and incredible design, this piece gives your interior space a playful touch that can also be used as a footstool or an extra seat for your living room. From soft textures to brilliant design, our ottoman will instantly become your family’s favorite accessory. DINOSAUR DESIGN: Our ottoman offers an adorable triceratops design complete with a fanned skull, long horns, and plush tail. This cuddly dinosaur creates a charming, fun vibe for your children, bringing a wonderful addition to your home. VELVET: Our velvet is 100% polyester, featuring a featherlike softness and unique sheen. With a built-in resistance to
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